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We all know, The Weekly Challenge a.k.a Perl Weekly Challenge started on 25th March 2019. I must confess I didn’t expect it to last this long. What worked in our favour is that we instantly found handful core supporters, who not only took part in the weekly challenge regularly but also started spreading the word. I am fortunate that they are still part of the team. While I was collecting my thoughts for the blog, I read my first RECAPS blog. You will find the format and style of RECAPS has changed a lot since.

When the idea of weekly challenge came to my mind first, I didn’t have the clear plan initially. I was just going with the flow since I didn’t have any help with the management of the weekly challenge. In the week 7, I decided to do weekly review of Perl solutions. The first such review went live on 13th May 2019. I was lucky to found help with the Perl review immediately. The week 8 saw a new reviewer, Kian-Men Ang with first review. She did a fantastic job and became very popular among Team PWC members. The last review she shared with us the week 39. I then took the charge back for few weeks. In the week 43, we finally found our new reviewer, Ryan Thompson. He came up with his own style of review as you can see in this first review from him. Ryan carried on the review till the week 54. I didn’t have the courage to take the charge back. I was looking for volunteer to take the Perl solutions review task. I didn’t have to wait long. In the week 65, we found our new reviewer, Colin Crain. We are lucky to have Colin as our current Perl reviewer. His quality review every week is much appreciated by every team members.

Similary, for Raku we had our first reviewer, Laurent Rosenfeld. The first review from him was in the week 3. He did fantastic job for many weeks. In between we had others also like Ryan Thompson and Andrew Shitov.

As I said earlier, there was no clear plan for the weekly challenge. I just went with the flow. I still remember, when I receieved the email from Pete Sergeant offering the prize money of USD 50 for the weekly champion. Laurent Rosenfeld became the first champion of the weekly challenge. It continued till the week 41. Following this, we changed it to monthly champion as suggested by Pete. Luckily we have continued the tradition till date. It is guaranteed to run until end of year 2021 as promised by Pete. I am most likely to reach out to Pete in the next couple of weeks to find out the future of monthly champion in the year 2022. I am positive about it, honestly speaking.

When it comes to find the sponsors, I am pathetic. I found Pete because he came forward himself otherwise I wouldn’t have any sponsor for the weekly challenge. I am always grateful for his generosity. In the week 130, I discussed the topic of 1000 days of the weekly challenge. I thought I should do something to celebrate the moment. I like to design my T-shirt and came up with this for the occasion.

PWC T-Shirt

I shared the photo with my friends on social platform. With that I also shared my ambitious plan of giving FREE T-shirt to all the champions of the weekly challenge. To be honest, I wasn’t very hopeful as I am pathetic in getting sponsors. To my surprise, I found many supporters as listed in the order I received the offer. Two of the sponsors are not part of the weekly challenge and they are Renee Baecker and Dean Hamstead. Rest of the sponsors are the elite members of Team PWC.



First donation from Team PWC member, Yary Hluchan. After all fees and exchange rate, the amount is 178.52 EUR.

Yary Hluchan EUR


Donation from Yary Hluchan received into my GBP account. The final amount is 145.07 GBP.

Yary Hluchan GBP


Email sent to all champions requesting T-shirt size and delivery address.



Second donation from another Team PWC member, Mark Anderson. After all fees, the amount is 187.74 GBP.

Mark Anderson GBP

One more donation from another Team PWC member, Lance Wicks. The amount is 200 GBP.

Lance Wicks GBP


Donation received from Team PWC member, Simon Proctor. The amount is 50 GBP.

Simon Proctor GBP


Donation received from Renee Baecker and the amount is 164.60 GBP.

Renee Baecker GBP


Donation received from Anonymous sponsor and the amount is 82.23 GBP.

Anonymous GBP

I received another (surprise) donation of 200 GBP from Pete Sergeant, our solo prize sponsor of The Weekly Challenge.

With this, I now have received all the funds promised by sponsors. A big THANK YOU to all sponsors.

Pete GBP


Total fund received 1029.64 GBP.

Also the cost of 10 T-shirts would be paid by Dean Hamstead as promised.

  S. No.   Name Offer   Amount Received  
1.   Yary Hluchan     200 USD     145.07 GBP  
2.   Renee Baecker     200 EUR     164.60 GBP  
3.   Lance Wicks     200 GBP     200.00 GBP  
4.   Dean Hamstead     10 T-shirts  
5.   Anonymous     100 EUR     082.23 GBP  
6.   Mark Anderson     200 GBP     187.74 GBP  
7.   Simon Proctor     50 GBP     050.00 GBP  
8.   Pete Sergeant     200 GBP     200.00 GBP  


As I said earlier, I was expecting the support I received. I didn’t plan anything as such. Since I have found so many supporters, I decided to start the groundwork for the same.

The very first question came to my mind, how do I collect the fund?

I remember few months ago, one of the champion donated the prize money to me. In principle, I don’t accept prize money but I took as one off and that’s it. Pete then asked me how to send the money? He offered me to send the cash by a company called Wise a.k.a Transferwise. Luckily I have used the same company to send money to my parents in India. So I already have an account with them. It was convenient for me. I received the fund instantly from Pete. Ideally, I would prefer to receive the fund through the same company. If you don’t want to get into the currency exchange rate issue, you can just mention the amount you want to transfer and they deal with the rest. I don’t want to become promoter for the company. I am just saying it would be convenient for me. Having said, I am open if you have any other options.

T-shirt Campaign

The plan is to give FREE T-shirt to all the champions of the weekly challenge. As of today, 21st Nov 2021, we have 51 champions as listed below. Since we would be celebrating 1000 days on 18th Dec 2021, we would have one more champion. So technically we would have 52 champions in total. I am planning to add one more to the list i.e. Will Braswell for promoting the weekly challenge in his weekly Perl Town Hall. To keep it simple, I would say, we need to order 55 T-shirts.

Option 1

The above T-shirt I designed and got it delivered to my home address for GBP 15. I am sure, if I bulk order, I would get better price offer.

Option 2

Buy plain T-shirts in bulk and get the design printed locally. I know one shop locally who does the printing. But at this point I don’t know how much it is going to cost per T-shirt.

Option 3

As suggested by team member, Markus Holzer, we could use an online printing service with international shipping like

How about collecting the delivery address?

I am in the process of collecting email addresses of all the champions. In the next day or two, I would send email to all champions requesting the reliable delivery address and their T-shirt size.

I can only order T-shirts once I have received the delivery address and T-shirt size. After that I will pick one of the above options.

For international delivery, I am thinking of using Royal Mail. I haven’t checked how much it is going to cost each internation delivery. If you know any other reliable service then please let me know.

Last but not the least, I need to buy postal bags as well.

If you have any suggestions or questions with regard to this campaign then please let me know


Total Champions: 59 + 1 Guest (William Braswell)

Received Confirmations: 39

Oustanding Confirmations: 21

I hope to get at least 45+ confirmations before I order the T-shirt.

  S. No.   Name   Contacted?     Got postal address?     Got T-shirt size?     Dispatched?     Notes  
1. Laurent Rosenfeld Yes Yes Yes
2. Jaldhar H. Vyas Yes Yes Yes
3. Joelle Maslak Yes
4. Adam Russell Yes Yes Yes
5. Yozen Hernandez Yes
6. E. Choroba Yes Yes Yes
7. Arne Sommer Yes Yes Yes
8. Duncan C. White Yes Yes Yes
9. Ruben Westerberg Yes
10. Kian-Meng Ang Yes
11. Athanasius Yes Yes Yes
12. Lubos Kolouch Yes N/A N/A   Donate the cost of T-shirt to charity.  
13. Yet Ebreo Yes
14. Roger Bell_West Yes Yes Yes
15. Scimon Proctor Yes Yes Yes
16. Andrezgz Yes Yes Yes
17. Dave Jacoby Yes Yes Yes
18. Kevin Colyer Yes Yes Yes
19. Mark Senn Yes
20. Prajith P. Yes Email bounced back.
21. Ulrich Rieke Yes Yes Yes
22. Burkhard Nickels Yes
23. Steven Wilson Yes Yes Yes
24. Duane Powell Yes Yes Yes
25. Javier Luque Yes
26. Ryan Thompson Yes Yes Yes
27. Colin Crain Yes
28. Noud Aldenhoven Yes
29. Markus Holzer Yes Yes Yes
30. Wanderdoc Yes
31. Saif Ahmed Yes Yes Yes
32. Alicia Bielsa Yes Yes Yes
33. Luca Ferrari Yes Yes Yes
34. Shahed Nooshmand Yes
35. Mark Anderson Yes Yes Yes
36. Walt Mankowski Yes
37. Cheok-Yin Fung Yes Yes Yes
38. Myoungjin Jeon Yes
39. Andrew Shitov Yes
40. Simon Green Yes Yes Yes
41. Niels van Dijke Yes Yes Yes
42. Stuart Little Yes
43. James Smith Yes
44. Tyler Wardhaugh Yes Yes Yes
45. Aaron Smith Yes
46. Pete Houston Yes Yes Yes
47. Abigail Yes
48. Flavio Poletti Yes Yes Yes
49. Jorg Sommrey Yes Yes Yes
50. Jan Krnavek Yes Yes Yes
51. Paulo Custodio Yes Yes Yes
52. W. Luis Mochan Yes Yes Yes
53. Peter Campbell Smith Yes Yes Yes
54. Alexander Pankoff Yes Yes Yes
55. Robert DiCicco Yes Yes Yes
56. Eric Cheung Yes Yes Yes
57. Matthew Neleigh Yes Yes Yes
58. Robert Ransbottom Yes Yes Yes
59. PokGoPun Yes Yes Yes
60. William Braswell Yes Yes Yes


If you have any suggestions or ideas then please do share with us.

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