Advent Calendar - December 19, 2019

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Advent Calendar 2019

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The gift is presented by Khalid. Today he is talking about his solutions to Task #1: Strip leading zeros of “The Weekly Challenge - 002”.

Write a script or one-liner to remove leading zeros from positive numbers.

This solution uses Raku Grammer

At first here is the code :

grammar Grammer {
    token TOP {<sign>? <int> <decimal>?}
    token decimal {<dot><digit>?}
    token int {<zeros>? <digit>?}
    token digit { \d+ }
    token dot { '.' }
    token zeros {0+}
    token sign {'+'}
my $match = Grammer.parse(@*ARGS[0]);
my $number =  ($match<int><digit> // '')  ~ ($match<decimal> // '');
say $number;

at the first line we simply creat a Grammer with name ‘Grammer’ which is a Class that have methods (rules, tokens and regexes) as documented here.

Let’s get the zeros token first:

0+ matches any number of Zeros in the input

dot token : matches only .

digit token : matches any number of digit characters

int token : uses zeros token and digit token to match the first part of the number incase it is decimal.

and I made it’s parts optional using ? as the first part may not contain zeros or digits input ex: .53, 1.52

decimal token : matches a dot . followed by any number of digit characters

and putting them together in the main TOP token gives us the full number.

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Advent Calendar 2019


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