Advent Calendar - December 9, 2021

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Advent Calendar 2021

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The gift is presented by Laurent Rosenfeld. Today he is talking about his solution to “The Weekly Challenge - 114”. This is re-produced for Advent Calendar 2021 from the original post by Laurent Rosenfeld.

Task #1: Next Palindrome Number

You are given a positive integer $N.

Write a script to find out the next Palindrome Number higher than the given integer $N.

Next Palindrome Number in Raku

In theory, we could build directly the next palindrome number from the current one. But there are different situations to cover, depending for example on whether the input number has an odd or even number of digits. Also, there are various edge cases. It is not so easy to be sure you’ve covered all possible cases. The alternative is to check each number in ascending order until you get a match. This brute force approach is much easier and in fact quite efficient for small and moderately large input numbers, as it is in most cases quite fast to find a palindrome larger than a given input number. We’ll use this second approach. We assume here that the input is a correct integer.

use v6;

my $input = @*ARGS[0] // 1234;
for $input .. Inf -> $candidate {
    next unless $candidate eq $candidate.flip;
    say $candidate;

This program displays the following output:

$ raku ./palin.raku

$ raku ./palin.raku 3445

Next Palindrome Number in Perl

We use the same algorithm, except that we use a while loop instead of a for because it is not possible to define an infinite range in Perl.

use strict;
use warnings;
use feature "say";

my $num = shift // 1234;
$num =~ s/^0+//; # remove leading 0s just in case
while (++ $num) {
    say $num and last if $num eq reverse $num;

This program displays the following output:

$ perl

$ perl 3554

$ perl 075

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Advent Calendar 2021


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