Perl Weekly Challenge - 002

Monday, Apr 1, 2019| Tags: Perl, Raku

It is already time for the second challenge of “Perl Weekly Challenge” event. We have had very positive response so far. We will soon share the review of first challenge. You can send us your solutions by replying the same email that drops the weekly challenge to your inbox. If you are active on twitter then you can DM @PerlWChallenge as well. Or if you have GitHub profile then you can even submit your solutions as PR to the repository. A gentle reminder, please don’t try to golf your solution. We are looking for unique way to solve the problem. Also please mention any prereqs to execute the solution i.e. version of Perl or Raku. Please add meaningful comment to your code, in case anyone (most likely me) reading your code. Avoid using external library as much as possible. Try to get the solution straight out of the language. We encourage you to blog about your solution, focus on how you achieve the result. If you do blog then please share with us.

Our aim is to engage the Perl community in sharing knowledge. You may find some challenge too simple but you can try to solve it in a way no one ever thought of before and that would be your moment of pride. We try to keep the challenge simple so that more and more people can participate and learn from others. At the end of the challenge, solutions from all members would be pushed to the github repository.

Last but not the least if you have any suggestions for future challenges then please do share with us. Good luck and have fun.

Challenge #1

Write a script or one-liner to remove leading zeros from positive numbers.

Challenge #2

Write a script that can convert integers to and from a base35 representation, using the characters 0-9 and A-Y. Dave Jacoby came up with nice description about base35, in case you needed some background.

Last date to submit the solution 6 pm (UK Time) Sunday 7th April 2019.


If you have any suggestions or ideas then please do share with us.

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