Perl Weekly Challenge - 016

Sunday, Jul 7, 2019| Tags: Perl, Raku

Let me announce the winner of Perl Weekly Challenge - 015 and the name is Joelle Maslak. Many congratulations to Joelle. You should soon hear from Perl Careers about your reward. Please do let us know how you feel about it. For rest of the participants, I would say Good Luck for next time. Keep sending in your solutions and share your knowledge with each other.


Here is the recap of last week challenge.


Please take a look at the charts showing interesting data.

I would like to thank everyone for their valuable suggestions. Please do share your experience with us. Good luck for the weekly challenge and enjoy.


  1. Simon Miner, Perl hacker, Software engineer and educator from Boston, MA, USA. He has used Perl for over 20 years, mostly for web development.

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Task #1

Pythagoras Pie Puzzle, proposed by Jo Christian Oterhals.

At a party a pie is to be shared by 100 guest. The first guest gets 1% of the pie, the second guest gets 2% of the remaining pie, the third gets 3% of the remaining pie, the fourth gets 4% and so on.

Write a script that figures out which guest gets the largest piece of pie.

Task #2

Write a script to validate a given bitcoin address. Most Bitcoin addresses are 34 characters. They consist of random digits and uppercase and lowercase letters, with the exception that the uppercase letter “O”, uppercase letter “I”, lowercase letter “l”, and the number “0” are never used to prevent visual ambiguity. A bitcoin address encodes 25 bytes. The last four bytes are a checksum check. They are the first four bytes of a double SHA-256 digest of the previous 21 bytes. For more information, please refer wiki page. Here are some valid bitcoin addresses:


Task #3

Write a script to use Winning Email API. For more information about API, please visit page. The API task is optional but we would love to see your solution.

Last date to submit the solution 23:59 (UK Time) Sunday 14th July 2019.


If you have any suggestions or ideas then please do share with us.

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