Perl Weekly Challenge - 038

Monday, Dec 9, 2019| Tags: Perl, Raku


With great pleasure, we announce Javier Luque** as the winner of “Perl Weekly Challenge - 037”**. Congratulations Javier, you should soon hear from Perl Careers about your reward. For rest of the participants, I would say Good Luck for next time. Keep sending in your solutions and share your knowledge with each other.


Here is the recap of last week “Perl Weekly Challenge - 037”.


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  1. Daniel Mita** shared Go** solution for “Perl Weekly Challenge - 037”.

  2. Daniel Mita** shared Javascript** solution for “Perl Weekly Challenge - 037”.

  3. Duncan C. White** shared Postscript** solution for “Perl Weekly Challenge - 037”.

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Date Finder

Create a script to accept a 7 digits number, where the first number can only be 1 or 2. The second and third digits can be anything 0-9. The fourth and fifth digits corresponds to the month i.e. 01,02,03…,11,12. And the last 2 digits respresents the days in the month i.e. 01,02,03….29,30,31. Your script should validate if the given number is valid as per the rule and then convert into human readable format date.


  1. If 1st digit is 1, then prepend 20 otherwise 19 to the 2nd and 3rd digits to make it 4-digits year.

  2. The 4th and 5th digits together should be a valid month.

  3. The 6th and 7th digits together should be a valid day for the above month.

For example, the given number is 2230120, it should print 1923-01-20.


Word Game

Lets assume we have tiles as listed below, with an alphabet (A..Z) printed on them. Each tile has a value, e.g. A (1 point), B (4 points) etc. You are allowed to draw 7 tiles from the lot randomly. Then try to form a word using the 7 tiles with maximum points altogether. You don’t have to use all the 7 tiles to make a word. You should try to use as many tiles as possible to get the maximum points.

For example, A (x8) means there are 8 tiles with letter A.

1 point

A (x8), G (x3), I (x5), S (x7), U (x5), X (x2), Z (x5)

2 points

E (x9), J (x3), L (x3), R (x3), V (x3), Y (x5)

3 points

F (x3), D (x3), P (x5), W (x5)

4 points

B (x5), N (x4)

5 points

T (x5), O (x3), H (x3), M (x4), C (x4)

10 points

K (x2), Q (x2)

Last date to submit the solution 23:59 (UK Time) Sunday 15th December 2019.


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