The Weekly Challenge - 259

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09. TASK #1: Banking Day Offset

10. TASK #2: Line Parser


Welcome to the Week #259 of The Weekly Challenge.

This week tasks are proposed by Lee Johnson and Gabor Szabo. It is an honour for me that we get so much support from the Perl community. Today is the first Monday of the month and time to declare the next champion. With great pride, I announce Mustafa Aydin as our next champion. I know I haven’t done the interview with the last champion, Nelo Tovar, sorry. I will get both done together soon.

I am not sure, if you noticed, Ryan Thompson is back in action. It is always pleasure to have him back. He has been a big supporter of the weekly challenge. I am hoping to see him regular now.

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Blogs with Creative Title

1. Even Sum by Arne Sommer.

2. Alll about digits by BarrOff.

3. How do I sum thee? Let me count the ones. by Bob Lied.

4. No Mental Bandwidth For A Name by Dave Jacoby.

5. Sum Even Bits by Jorg Sommrey.

6. arrays of sums by Luca Ferrari.

7. Even Digits have a Sum! by Packy Anderson.

8. All about the way numbers are written by Peter Campbell Smith.

9. Valuing the Count by Roger Bell_West.

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Task 1: Banking Day Offset

Submitted by: Lee Johnson

You are given a start date and offset counter. Optionally you also get bank holiday date list.

Given a number (of days) and a start date, return the number (of days) adjusted to take into account non-banking days. In other words: convert a banking day offset to a calendar day offset.

Non-banking days are:

a) Weekends
b) Bank holidays

Example 1

Input: $start_date = '2018-06-28', $offset = 3, $bank_holidays = ['2018-07-03']
Output: '2018-07-04'

Thursday bumped to Wednesday (3 day offset, with Monday a bank holiday)

Example 2

Input: $start_date = '2018-06-28', $offset = 3
Output: '2018-07-03'

Task 2: Line Parser

Submitted by: Gabor Szabo

You are given a line like below:

{%  id   field1="value1"    field2="value2"  field3=42 %}


a) "id" can be \w+.
b) There can be 0  or more field-value pairs.
c) The name of the fields are \w+.
b) The values are either number in which case we don't need double quotes or string in
   which case we need double quotes around them.

The line parser should return structure like below:

       name => id,
       fields => {
           field1 => value1,
           field2 => value2,
           field3 => value3,

It should be able to parse the following edge cases too:

{%  youtube title="Title \"quoted\" done" %}


{%  youtube title="Title with escaped backslash \\" %}

BONUS: Extend it to be able to handle multiline tags:

{% id  filed1="value1" ... %}
{% endid %}

You should expect the following structure from your line parser:

       name => id,
       fields => {
           field1 => value1,
           field2 => value2,
           field3 => value3,
       text => LINES

Last date to submit the solution 23:59 (UK Time) Sunday 10th March 2024.


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