RECAP - Perl Weekly Challenge - 002

Monday, Apr 8, 2019| Tags: Perl, Raku

I noticed the timing of releasing the weekly challenge is not helping anyone in UK timezone as I released around mid-night. So if somebody who lives in other side where it is day they get to try the challenge first. I realised within few hours of making the challenge public, I starts getting feedback but none from UK member. It is only when it is Monday morning, I see reactions from them. I am not saying anything wrong in this. Just sharing my point of view. I remember during the launch week, Simon Proctor nailed it with lightning fast response. However in the second week, Joelle Maslak was really quick and beat Simon Proctor. I got confused when I announced Simon Proctor was the first person to submit the solution. Simon correctly pointed out to me that Joelle Maslak actually did it before him.

Lets talk about the challenges and solutions. The immediate reaction I got after the release was the challenge is too easy for Perl 6. I take all the blame that I didn’t realise the power of Perl 6. Well, I never hide the fact that I am still learning Perl 6. So you can expect such error in future as well. However I will be more carefull next time. Luckily we have many in-house Perl 6 experts and they are more happy to help me with more challenging questions. I have already recieved few interesting questions which I am going to use in the coming weeks.

I hate comparison but I noticed the participation in the second week challenge is little over 50% where as the first week participation was over 85%. Having said, there have been surge in the memberships.Currently we have 69 active members. The official twitter handle @PerlWChallenge is also becoming popular every day. We have finally reached 103 followers as of today.

Last minute submission by Neil Bowers was really nice. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting him to participate immediate after the first week. It feels good to have such a busy person actively participating in the weekly fun challenge. There was another last minute submission by Philippe Bruhat. I was pleasantly surprised to see him taking part straight after the first one. I will get his solution released as official blog like last week. According to Google Analytic, his blog was read by many hackers across the globe. It is worth puting up there.

Following blogs have been reported last week. Each blog is a text book in itself as it teaches you so many things. I enjoyed reading each and every blog. Please do read them when you get time. It is worth spending time.

Dave Jacoby

Laurent Rosenfeld

Gustavo Chaves

Adam Russell

Khaled Elboray

Arne Sommer

Jo Christian Oterhals

If you like reading raw code, like me. Please take a look at collection of solutions submitted last week here.

Last but not the least, keep sharing your solutions and thanks for making it so fun and enjoyable.


If you have any suggestions or ideas then please do share with us.

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