RECAP - Perl Weekly Challenge - 003

Sunday, Apr 14, 2019| Tags: Perl, Raku

Every week, I release the challenge by email first and then on Twitter. I wait for about 30 minutes to get the first response to the challenge. I also look at the Google Analytics Realtime Chart to see how many users are reading the new challenge page and from which part of the world.

Last week, I didn’t have to wait long, I saw the first reaction on Twitter from Khalid.


That message brought a big smile on my face.

The another came forward as tweet by @smokemachine.


Challenge 1 (Perl 5 only)

I would like to talk about some solutions that surprised me. One of them was by Adam Russell. This solution used Perl5 Closure so cleanly. I would recommend anyone wants to learn about Closure.

There is another solution by Andrezgz, it twisted my brain initially.

One solution by Athanasius, using CPAN module HOP::Stream interesting take.

Anybody wants to learn how to write well documented code then this is the best example by Duncan C. White.

Joelle Maslak, provided a complete application. You must take a look at this.

Another well documented solution by Khalid.

I would like to mention this solution by Kian-Meng Ang, well designed.

Nick Logan solution is always fun to read as he writes one solution that keeps Perl5 and Perl6 happy.

As far as Perl6 solutions, there were all too good for me.

Challenge 2 (Perl 5 only)

I would mention again a very clean solution by Adam Russell.

This solutionby Clive Holloway has got nice display logic.

Here is one by Khalid displays the tree beautifully.


Following blogs have been reported last week. Each blog is a text book in itself as it teaches you so many things. I enjoyed reading each and every blog. Please do read them when you get time. There is one member, Arne Sommer, who is one those members, I always eagerly wait for the blog. His writing skill is brilliant.

Adam Russell

Arne Sommer

Francis Wittle

Gustavo Chaves

Kian Meng

Laurent Rosenfeld

Mark Senn

Simon Proctor

If you like reading raw code, like me. Please take a look at collection of solutions submitted last week here.


Looking for volunteers to review the Perl6 solutions every week. If interested please get in touch with me.

Last but not the least, keep sharing your solutions and thanks for making it so fun and enjoyable.


If you have any suggestions or ideas then please do share with us.

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