RECAP - Perl Weekly Challenge - 004

Sunday, Apr 21, 2019| Tags: Perl, Raku

For the first time ever, I published RECAP blog before the weekly challenge. It is the sign that things are settling down. Members are using Pull Request more frequently to submit the solutions. Last Sunday, when I made the Challenge 004 public, I couple of people responded in no time.

The first person was Kivanc Yazan and he announced it on Twitter.


The next person followed him was @smokemachine. He has been regular since last week.

Smokemachine Smokemachine

Challenge 1 (Perl 5 only)

Abigail joined last week and submitted his solutions.

Adam Russell solution for the second challenge of the week is worth reading. Please take a look here.

Alicia Bielsa is another new member joined last week and submitted solutions to both challenges. I must point out the first solution using handy trick. I must confes that I didn’t know about it before.

Andrezgz also submitted the similar solution to the challenge 1 but using different library. Nice to know variations.

Athanasius presented another variations using the trick FILE. Short and sweet solution.

Daniel Mantovani solution can be hard to read. I must say the logic is hard to decode. Do you want to try? Checkout the code.

Duncan C. White has taken an absolutely different approach. Initially I had doubt whether it would print the desired result. But I was pleasantly surprised by the result. Must check his solution.

Gustavo Chaves submitted the solution using the standard library. It is one of the most popular approach used by many members.

Jaldhar H. Vyas used unique approach to solve the challenge 1. Please take a look.

Dr James A Smith submitted shortest solution for challenge 1.

Jo Christian Oterhals solution is also unique in approach.

I loved Joelle Maslak solution to the challenge 1.

John Barrett solution was also unique using external library.

Kian-Meng Ang pleasantly surprised me with the solution for the challenge 1.

Kivanc Yazan submitted the only solution, which I found very different.

Lars Balker solution is also very unique.

Laurent Rosenfeld is one of the few members who submit solutions in Perl 5 and Perl 6. This time also his solution is truly unique.

Nick Logan polyglot solution is always fun to read as always.

Maxim Kolodyazhny should get the most creative solution award. Why? Take a look at his solution.

Ruben Westerberg solution is always fun to read.

Sergio Iglesias solution is a treat.

Veesh Goldman used nice little hack for challenge 1 solution.

Challenge 2 (Perl 5 only)

Andrezgz solution for challenge 2 is worth reading.

Duncan C. White solution to the second challenge is elgantly simple.

Nick Logan approach to the second challenge is also interesting.

Maxim Kolodyazhny solution to the second challenge is also very interesting.

Neil Bowers submitted only solution to challenge 2, which was short and sweet.

Veesh Goldman second solution is worth taking a look.


Following blogs have been reported last week. Each blog is a text book in itself as it teaches you so many things. I enjoyed reading each and every blog. Please do read them when you get time.

Adam Russell

Mark Senn

Mark Senn

Laurent Rosenfeld

Laurent Rosenfeld

Gustavo Chaves

Arne Sommer

Arne Sommer

Simon Proctor

Simon Proctor

Jo Christian Oterhals

Last but not the least, keep sharing your solutions and thanks for making it so fun and enjoyable.


If you have any suggestions or ideas then please do share with us.

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