Advent Calendar - December 25, 2022

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Advent Calendar 2022

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Merry Christmas

Finally we reached to the end of Advent Calendar. It was a hectic 24 days. Not an easy task to manage/run the Advent Calendar. I would to take this opportunity to thank each and every contributors. Please accept my apology if I missed anyone. I tried to give equal opportunity to those who blog about their contributions.

As you all know, I hardly blog about my contributions. I even stopped taking part in the weekly challenge during the Advent Calendar period. Too much to handle and too less time in hand. Last time, I blogged about my contribution was in the Week 081 on Mon, Oct 12, 2020. It is something I would like to get back to in the new year.

It is not that I haven’t blogged at all. Below is the list that I can compile.

Wed, Jun 08, 2022   Memory Leak in Perl  
Thu, Jun 09, 2022   Taint in Perl  
Sat, Jun 11, 2022   Get started with Perl v5.36  
Mon, Jun 13, 2022   Strawberry Perl  
Sat, Jun 18, 2022   Decode Hexdump  
Sat, Jul 02, 2022   Perl Question???  
Sun, Jul 03, 2022   Test::Excel  

I was supposed to contribute to Perl Advent Calendar 2022 and Raku Advent Calendar 2022. As it turned out, I could only get the article ready in the last minute. Thanks to the dear friend, JJ Merelo, I made it in the end. You can checkout the post, Raku and I.

With the regard to my contribution to Perl Advent Calendar 2022, it was too late to find a slot, unfortunately. You can still checkout my post, App::Timer.

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