Perl Weekly Challenge - 010

Monday, May 27, 2019| Tags: Perl, Raku

I came to know about one secret player of Perl Weekly Challenge just few days ago. Any guesses? He is the Damian Conway. He doesn’t need any introduction. My first encounter with him was when I bought his book Perl Best Practices. I have been a big fan of him since then. Checkout his blog. I would also like to mention another newly joined member Yozen Hernandez. He blogged first time ever that too about his solution to the Perl Weekly Challenge. In his blog he wrote something very nice and sweet at the end.

I look forward to doing more of these as not only do they seem like a fun way to flex my Perl and problem-solving skills, but I find immense value in reading other people’s solutions. It’s often the case that I find some incredibly creative way of solving the problem, and some solutions are so unique that I learn so much more about this language I thought I understood.

Response like this gives the energy to do better every week.


Here is the recap of last week challenge.


Please take a look at the charts showing interesting data.

I would like to thank everyone for their valuable suggestions. Please do share your experience with us. Good luck for the weekly challenge and enjoy.


  1. Pete Sergeant, Perl programmer for over 20 years. Currently working as a recruiter for Perl developers.

  2. Daniel Mita, an experienced Raku hacker.

  3. Mano Chandar, Perl Hacker from Chennai, TamilNadu, India with 6+ years of experience in Perl Programming.

With the addition of above new members, we now have 85 members.

Challenge #1

Write a script to encode/decode Roman numerals. For example, given Roman numeral CCXLVI, it should return 246. Similarly, for decimal number 39, it should return XXXIX. Checkout wikipedia page for more informaiton.

Challenge #2

Write a script to find Jaro-Winkler distance between two strings. For more information check wikipedia page.

Challenge #3

Send email using SendGrid API. For more information, visit the official page. This challenge was proposed by Gabor Szabo. The API challenge is optional but would love to see your solution.

Last date to submit the solution 6 pm (UK Time) Sunday 2nd June 2019.


If you have any suggestions or ideas then please do share with us.

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